Highly accurate measurements and large memory

HOBO MX Multi-Channel data loggers use Bluetooth technology to transmit indoor monitoring data to mobile devices using Onset's free HOBOconnect app. The HOBO Analog/Temperature/Relative Humidity (RH)/Light data logger and the HOBO 4-Channel Analog data logger support new Self-Describing (SD) sensors, which automatically communicate configuration information to the loggers, making deployment fast and easy.

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Simple Setup, Fast Deployment with New Self-Describing Sensors

New Self-Describing (SD) sensors automatically communicate configuration information to HOBO MX Multi-Channel data loggers. Sensor parameters stored inside the SD sensor eliminate the need for programming or extensive setup, supporting fast deployment. Integrated strain relief and a locking jack ensure that the sensor is secured to your data logger, for convenient plug-and-play operation.

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Meet HOBOconnect

Easy logger setup & data management

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Meet HOBOconnect

Easy logger setup & data management


Quickly connect to loggers in Bluetooth range


Monitor current conditions without needing to connect


Save time with bulk download of data from loggers


Customize logger settings and alarms with flexible configuration


Instantly graph and view logger data for easy trend analysis

HOBOconnect monitoring app for mobile devices screen shot showing easy data logger set-up features
HOBOconnect dashboard
HOBOconnect bulk downloiad screen
HOBOconnect configure and start screen
HOBOconnect data file screen
Onset's HOBO MX1104 Data Logger With the MX Gateway

HOBO MX Multi-Channel Data Loggers


Part number MX1104 MX1105
Measurement Analog/Temp/RH/Light 4-Channel Analog


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