MX Hard to Reach Places

Track temperature in hard-to-access areas with your mobile device






Restricted areas

Stop spending time trying to get access to restricted areas

From laboratories to clean rooms, temperature and humidity data logging is a snap with the HOBO MX1101. Save time and money, and acquire data easily up to a distance of 100 feet – without having to suit up or get permission to enter an area.

Multi-family buildings

Don't disturb your tenants or be limited by their schedules

The HOBO MX1101 is ideal for monitoring temperature and humidity in apartments, condos, and other types of multi-family dwellings. Bluetooth capability enables data access from outside the living space, without interruption to residents.

Cold rooms

Minimize entry into temperature-controlled rooms

Verifying proper temperature conditions in cold rooms can be vital to ensuring optimal product quality. Now, with the MX1101 logger’s Bluetooth capability, data can be retrieved without constantly having to open and close doors.

Office areas

Leave the ladder (and the distraction) in the closet

With the HOBO MX1101, there’s no need to interrupt office workers’ productivity, and no need to climb a ladder to obtain temperature and humidity readings from out-of-reach places like heating ducts located in offices and meeting rooms.


Reduce the frequency of opening cases containing irreplaceable items

Using just Bluetooth technology and a mobile device, curators can access data from inside display cases without jeopardizing the safekeeping of valuable objects and artifacts. Plus, the MX1101 loggers can be situated out-of-reach and out-of-sight in any exhibition gallery, with no negative effect on visitor experience.

Server/computer rooms

Prevent costly damage to computers and servers

Keeping an eye on environmental conditions can help prevent costly equipment damage and failure. With the HOBO MX1101, temperature and humidity data can be accessed easily – even in server rooms with restricted access – and audible and visual alarms provide quick notification of potential problems.

Computer not required

If temperature and humidity management are critical in your facility, then implement it faster and easier than ever before with the new Bluetooth Smart enabled HOBO MX1101 Data Logger. Set up the logger, check its status, and read out your data, all from your mobile device over a 100-foot range.


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