CX500 Temperature Loggers
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CX400 Series Logger
CX600 Dry Ice Loggers
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CX400 Series Logger
CX700 Cryogenic Loggers
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CX400 Series Logger
Cloud-Based Temperature Monitoring for Pharmaceutical Logistics
  • Reduces temperature excursions & handling errors
  • Eliminates need to open containers to access data
  • Remote notifications of temperature excursions with new CX Gateway
  • Compact and lightweight-ideal for shipping pharmaceuticals
  • Automatic data downloads from loggers within range of the gateway
  • Integrates mobile and cloud for 21CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Meets GDP requirements for NIST traceable calibration
  • Portfolio covering cryogenic to standard 2-8 cold chain temp ranges

InTemp CX500 Series

(Standard Temperature)

InTemp CX500 Series loggers provide reliable temperature readings in a compact, lightweight form factor while helping to automate your supply chain and reduce total operational costs.

The loggers, which meet GDP requirements for NIST traceable calibration, eliminate the need to open sealed packages to download data, and offer real-time alerts and automatic downloads with the optional CX Gateway device.

CX500 Series Standard Temperature Data Loggers

InTemp CX600/700 Series

(Low Temperature)

InTemp CX600 Dry Ice and CX700 Cryogenic loggers make low temperature shipment monitoring easier and more affordable than ever. The loggers, which are IATA Battery compliant, feature a built-in probe that can measure temperatures as low as -95°C (-139°F) for the CX600 series or -200°C (-328°F) for the CX700 series.

A protective sheath prevents cutting the cable when boxes are being opened and a clip for mounting the probe ensures the probe remains with the product for the duration of the shipment.

CX600 & CX700 Low Temperature Data Loggers

InTemp Mobile App

Streamline Logger Setup and Readout

The CX Series loggers communicate wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to the free InTemp app on a mobile device. This reduces setup and readout times, enabling logistics and quality personnel to access temperature data without ever opening a box. With a quick tap of a button, operators can document trips and obtain actionable information, enabling more proactive product-handling decisions.

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Secure Cloud Database,
Enabling Remote Excursion Alerts

The InTemp app syncs seamlessly with the InTempConnect cloud-based data warehousing service, which provides command-center control over the supply chain. This fully-integrated solution ensures secure electronic records and a reduced paper trail, streamlining the audit process and prioritizing quality delivery of goods.

And, with the optional InTemp CX Gateway device, you get automatic data download from all loggers within range of the device, as well as email or text notifications straight to your mobile device should an excursion occur.

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NIST Traceable Calibration

Data You Can Trust

Each logger is calibrated at three different points and includes a Certificate of Calibration valid for one year from data of purchase, ensuring companies can trust their data and make informed product-disposition decisions.

Single and Multi-Use Models Available

CX502 Bluetooth 90 Day Single-Use Temperature Data Logger
CX503 Bluetooth 365 Day Multiple-Use Temperature Data Logger
CX602 Dry Ice Logger - Single Use
CX603 Dry Ice Logger - Multiple Use
CX405 RTD Dry Ice Data Logger
CX702 Cryogenic Logger - Single Use
CX703 Cryogenic (365 Day - Multiple Use)
CX450 Bluetooth Temp/Relative Humidity
Data Logger
Starting at $175
CX402-Txxx Bluetooth Temperature with Glycol Bottle Data Logger (Logistics)
CX5000 Gateway
Real-time alerts, automatic downloads
InTemp App
to configure and readout InTemp loggers
InTempVerify App for logger downloading only
cloud-based data warehousing solution