COVID Vaccine Temperature Monitoring with InTemp
Monitoring During a Pandemic

Cold Chain monitoring has always been a very complex process, but the addition of monitoring of vaccines developed in response to the world-wide pandemic presents one of the greatest challenges ever faced by global supply chain contributors.

Onset is laser-focused on fully understanding COVID-19 vaccine monitoring requirements and fine-tuning our monitoring solutions accordingly so that our customers can meet this unprecedented challenge head-on and with ease.   

Here’s the latest critical information about COVID-19 vaccine distribution and storage:

  • The first vaccine approved for use needs to be shipped and stored in dry ice conditions (-80°C to -65°C)
  • The second vaccine requires frozen temperatures for transportation and storage
  • All vaccines must be in a refrigerated state before being administered to the patient
  • There’s an extreme shortage of dry ice storage facilities, especially in under-privileged nations
  • Most vaccines need to be shipped directly to patient distribution facilities and used within a limited time frame
  • Some regional facilities have been set up for temporary dry ice storage and redistribution
  • The CDC and other global regulatory bodies have already released preliminary guidelines for these vaccines
InTemp CX402-VFC Refrigeration/Freezer data logger

Although some COVID vaccines initially require storage in dry ice or frozen conditions, all vaccines must be in a refrigerated state before being administered to the patient. Onset's InTemp CX402-VFC multi-use data logger (with glycol bottle) is the ideal solution for monitoring temperatures in both refrigerators and freezers. Models are available with a 2- or 4-meter external temperature probe that is attached to a glycol bottle used to insulate the probe and delay thermal response times. 

  • Complies with all CDC and Vaccines for Children (VFC) program requirements
  • Easy-to-read display with current and daily min/max temperatures
  • Real-time alerts and automatic data downloads with optional InTemp CX5000 Gateway device
  • Integrates with mobile and cloud platforms for a 21 CRF Part 11 compliant solution
  • User-replaceable AAA batteries
  • Includes 3-year ISO 17025 compliant calibration, per CDC guidelines
Sensor Range -40° to 100°C (-40° to 212°F)
Accuracy ±1.0°C from -40° to -22°C (±1.8°F from -40° to -8°F)
±0.5°C from -22° to 50°C (±0.9°F from -8° to 122°F)
±1.0°C from 50° to 100°C (±1.8°F from 122° to 212°F)
Introducing the InTemp CX405-RTD Dry Ice data logger!

Shipping early January 2021, the new InTemp CX405-RTD data logger combines the accuracy and sensor range of InTemp CX600 loggers with the LCD display and functionality of the InTemp CX402 logger. Contact Sales to place advance orders now!

  • Easily identify alarms with audible and visual alerts
  • Easily view current, min, and max temperatures on the LCD display
  • Multi-use NIST-calibrated logger with a 1-year NIST calibration certificate
  • User-replaceable AAA batteries
  • Built to FDA, USP, EU, and WHO standards
Sensor Range -95° to 50°C (-139° to 122°F)
Accuracy ±1.5°C from -95° to -40°C (±2.7°F from -139° to -40°F)
±1.0°C from -40° to -10°C (±1.8°F from -40° to 14°F)
±0.5°C from -10° to 50°C (±0.9°F from -14° to 122°F)
InTemp CX600 Series Dry Ice Shipping/Storage data loggers

The first vaccine distributed to the public requires dry ice conditions while in transport and storage. Onset’s InTemp CX600 NIST-calibrated data loggers can monitor at ultra-low, refrigerated, and room temperatures to seamlessly monitor these vaccines at any stage of the journey.

  • Suitable for shipping and storage monitoring
  • Bluetooth communications
  • LED alarm indicator
  • Compatible with all InTemp app and cloud solutions
  • Built to FDA, USP, EU, and WHO standards
  • Single and multi-use options
Sensor Range -95° to 50°C (-139° to 122°F)
Accuracy ±1.5°C from -95° to -40°C (±2.7°F from -139° to -40°F)
±1.0°C from -40° to -10°C (±1.8°F from -40° to 14°F)
±0.5°C from -10° to 50°C (±0.9°F from -14° to 122°F)
Simplifying Cold Chain Logistics

Obtaining and sharing temperature data at multiple points during shipment and storage is critical to ensuring the efficacy and safety of COVID-19 vaccines. Onset offers two InTemp mobile app solutions that let you easily access and share data, ensuring that all your internal and regulatory compliance needs are met, from first to last mile.

InTemp Mobile App

The free InTemp app makes it a snap to configure and download InTemp loggers and automatically upload reports to the InTempConnect cloud service. View data, check logger status, set alarms, and create and share secure PDF reports to streamline reporting and compliance.

  • Configure and download loggers
  • Seamless communication with the InTempConnect cloud-based data platform
  • Produce and share PDF and XLSX reports on the spot
  • View current data, alarms, and other essential information while in range of the loggers
InTemp App icon InTemp App on the Apple App Store InTemp App on the Google Play Store
Introducing InTempVerify!

Combining the automation benefits of a wireless (Bluetooth/cloud) solution with the data accessibility of a USB logger, the new InTempVerify is a free mobile app that allows activation of data downloads by anyone, anywhere, anytime! One-tap downloading gets the data to your cloud account, without having to manage hundreds of users.

  • One-time sign-in
  • One-tap data download
  • View data and critical alarms in real-time when in range of loggers
  • Automatic data delivery to the logger owner’s InTempConnect account
  • Designate which loggers can and cannot be used with InTempVerify
  • Perfect for transportation and clinical trial monitoring needs
  • FREE, highly secure, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant solution
InTempVerify App icon InTempVerify on the Apple App Store InTempVerify on the Google Play Store
Automation to Streamline the Process

Shipping, storing, and distributing COVID-19 vaccines at dry ice temperatures is a great challenge that involves creating processes, training staff, and obtaining necessary resources. With the InTemp CX5000 Gateway and InTempConnect cloud-based data platform, you can automate your Cold Chain monitoring processes, with minimal training needs required – so you can focus on other essential logistics to successfully ship vaccines throughout the world!

InTemp CX5000 Gateway

The InTemp CX5000 Gateway seamlessly links your InTemp data loggers to the InTempConnect cloud-based data platform to automatically provide real-time alert notifications for InTemp loggers. In addition to flexible alarm notification capabilities, the CX Gateway can automate the process of configuring loggers and downloading data from one or more loggers within range.

  • Automatically programs and downloads loggers
  • Immediately downloads alarmed loggers to notify you of critical excursions
  • Seamlessly sends logger data to the cloud
  • 100 ft (30.5 m) Bluetooth range
  • Set up with Wi-Fi or Ethernet

Centralize data, get notified, create custom reports, and automate your processes using the InTempConnect cloud-based data platform. Use the Shipment feature with the InTemp CX5000 Gateway to automatically start loggers at the shipping site, automatically download data at every waypoint, and automatically stop the loggers at the destination.

  • Automatic notifications to alert you of temperature excursions
  • Custom reporting features to effortlessly group, organize, and analyze your data
  • Custom user access/privilege controls
  • Automated standard reporting and scheduled custom reporting
  • Secure, 21 CFR compliant system
Starting at $169
CX402-VFCxxx Bluetooth Temperature with Glycol Bottle (VFC/CDC)
CX405 RTD Dry Ice Data Logger
CX602 Dry Ice Logger - Single Use
CX603 Dry Ice Logger - Multiple Use
CX5000 Gateway
Real-time alerts, automatic downloads
InTempVerify App for logger downloading only
InTemp App
to configure and readout InTemp loggers
cloud-based data warehousing solution