Indoor Monitoring Solutions

Indoor Monitoring Solutions

HOBO data loggers span the full range of indoor energy and environmental measurements and install almost anywhere

Whether you’re a property owner, warehouse manager, or facilities engineer, your building is important to you. Keep your costs under control and your facility’s occupants safe and comfortable with HOBO monitoring solutions that are:

  • Highly accurate
  • Easily deployed
  • Affordable

Because we offer such a broad range of loggers, sensors, and software, you have the flexibility to assemble a custom solution for your unique needs.

Indoor Monitoring Solutions from the Industry Leader

As a trusted manufacturer of HOBO data loggers for 40 years, Onset provides the monitoring tools you need to maintain an energy-efficient, healthy indoor environment.

Indoor Air Quality
Collect data to identify source issues and develop and prove solutions – with temperature, relative humidity, and carbon dioxide data loggers
Monitor indoor conditions to diagnose mechanical issues, locate sources that compromise comfort, and balance reliable interior environments with energy costs
Use temperature, CO2, and relative humidity data loggers to ensure the safe preservation of displayed and archived materials, and the comfort of visitors
Optimize operations, reduce costs, protect product, and prove regulatory compliance – with localized or remote indoor monitoring solutions
Facility Management
Use temperature, RH, light on/off, and plug load data loggers to reduce energy consumption, optimize facility performance, and ensure occupant comfort
Energy Auditing
Utilize industry-leading data loggers, sensors, and software to collect and analyze data used in energy audits, and capture accurate energy and performance data
Building Commissioning
Save energy and ensure optimal building performance with indoor data loggers that provide actionable information for system optimization
Performance Contracting
Monitor indoor conditions with temp, RH, CO2, and energy data loggers to evaluate contractors’ performance and confirm their responsibilities are met

Measurement Comparison

  USB Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Remote Web Enabled via MX Gateway Remote Web Enabled Remote Web Server
Product Family
  UX100 UX90 UX120 U12
MX1100 MX2300
MX100 RX3000 RX2100 EG4100
Environmental - Indoor Air Quality
Temperature (built-in)          
Temperature (probe)            
Thermocouple (probe)                  
Relative Humidity            
Dew Point            
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)                
Light Intensity                    
AC Current (Amps)                  
AC Voltage (Volts)                  
AC Current (TRMS Amps)                  
AC Voltage (TRSM Volts)                  
DC Current (Amps)                  
DC Voltage (Volts)                  
Killowatt Hours (kWh)              
Plug Load                    
Power Factor (PF)                    
Ah, A, kWh, kW, PF, VAR, VARh, VA, V, Wh, W                  
Light On/Off                    
Motor On/Off                    
State Changes                  
External Input
Air Velocity                
Differential Pressure                
Gauge Pressure                
Compressed Air Flow                
Water Flow                
Input Adapter
4-20 mA                
DC Voltage                
HOBOnet Wireless Sensors - Larger Facilities / Indoor Grow Facilities
Relative Humidity                  
Dew Point                  
Pulse Input                  
Solar Radiation (Energy of Sun)                  
Photosynthetic Active Radiation - (PAR) Light for Plants                  
Wind Speed, Gust & Direction                  
Soil Moisture                  
Soil Electrical Conductivity (EC)                  
Leaf Wetness                  
Evapotranspiration (ET)