HOBOware Free Trial Download

Thank you for your interest in our free 30-day trial of HOBOware® Pro, the industry's most powerful graphing & analysis software!

To start your test-drive, please download the software and sample data files below, and then watch our demonstration videos for ideas on how to work with your sample data.

Step 1

Download Your Trial Software

NOTE: A USB cable is required to operate HOBO data loggers. If you require one, click here to purchase a Mini-B USB cable.

NOTE: If you reside outside the United States and your country has an Onset dealer, to upgrade your trial to a fully licensed version, you will have to purchase the full CD version of HOBOware from your local dealer. Please use the Dealer Locator to locate your local dealer.

Step 2

Download Sample Files to work with

Step 3

Watch these videos to see how easy it is to apply HOBOware's powerful tools as you work with your sample data.

This video covers a range of graphing and analysis capabilities including:

  • Zoom and axis-control tools to focus on data of interest
  • Applying filters to your data (min/max/average)
  • Saving project files

This video discusses HOBOware's reporting capabilities including:

  • Copying and pasting HOBOware data into other applications
  • Printing graphs
  • Exporting data to spreadsheets and other programs