2pm - 3pm (America/New_York)
HOBOconnect app with MX loggers

Join our free 45-minute webinar on best practices for using the redesigned HOBOconnect mobile app for streamlined configuration, data collection, and management of your HOBO MX Series Bluetooth data loggers.

Hosted by HOBO data logging experts, Sierra Brandt and Mike Delellis, webinar topics will include:

  • Best practices for configuring and handling your MX Bluetooth loggers

  • Downloading, managing, and sharing your data

  • Answers to common questions about HOBOconnect

Submit any questions you might have about HOBOconnect when you register for the webinar, and we’ll do our best to provide all answers during the session.

Register today and find out how HOBOconect can simplify your data logging experience!   

2pm - 3pm (America/New_York)