Onset EG4100 Series Power Monitoring Systems

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Onset EG4100 Series
Power Monitoring Systems

Onset EG4100 Series power monitoring systems combine revenue-grade power metering hardware, a full suite of current transformers, and cloud-based energy visualization software to help you manage your building’s energy use.

Simple to install, the EG4100 Series let you monitor a wide range of energy parameters in real time, including volts, amps, kilowatt hours, power factor, and more.

To save you money and time, the system accepts 30 sensors, allowing you to replace dozens of traditional submeters with a single integrated unit. And, the system’s powerful and intuitive energy dashboard software platform makes it easy to visualize energy data and consumption in real time from multiple monitors throughout your properties.

Key Advantages

  • Revenue-Grade Accuracy (ANSI C12.20 - 0.5% and C12.1 - 1%)
  • 0-277VAC Phase-Neutral
  • 0-6900 Max Amperage per Channel
  • Up to 30 Channels

Meter, Logger, and Server All in One

Your Onset EG4100 system starts with a flexible, revenue-grade power meter. Offered in 15- and 30-input models, these units combine an energy meter, data logger, and web server into a single, integrated unit. This streamlines your power monitoring process, and can eliminate the need for dozens of individual submeters.

Wide Range of Sensors

The EG4100 functions primarily as a current transformer (CT) meter and works with both standard CTs and Rogowski Coil-based sensors (sold separately). The Pro model accepts 30 CTs, and the Core model receives 15.

Key Advantages

  • 333 mV output
  • Accurate within 1% of rated amperage
  • Well-constructed hinged mini CTs
  • Self-powered Rogowski Coils (Flexible Rope CTs)

Graphical Monitoring Tools

The EG4100 Series user interface (UI) presents a powerful and straightforward graph to visualize energy data. The graphical view is highly customizable and can be set to display (or hide) any number of monitoring points. The monitoring points are shown with user-defined time periods so it's easy to analyze data ranging from minutes to months, or even years.

Users can create custom views that remove irrelevant information and present data that’s formatted for a particular need. The graph is a staple of the UI because it can present highly-granular data in an understandable way.

Featured Specs

  • Data Updates Every Second
  • Custom Alerts
  • CSV Exports
  • Energy Production vs Energy Usage
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Summaries

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Lights/Loads/HVAC Reporting

Property Management

Facility Metrics, Benchmarking, and Alerts

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EG4130 Pro Data Logger
30 input meter - $915
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15 input meter - $699