BOURNE, MA, April 29, 2005 — Onset Computer Corporation, a leading supplier of underwaterHOBO Pendant Underwater LoggerHOBO Pendant Data Logger data loggers, today introduced the HOBO Pendant Logger, a miniature, ultra-low-cost data logger that records underwater temperature and light levels at depths of up to 30 meters. The HOBO Pendant provides ±0.5°C accuracy and up to 52,000 readings, making it suitable for long-term deployment. It also features a one-year user-replaceable battery, and an eyelet for easy mounting with cable ties.

New HOBO® Pendant™ tracks temperature and light levels in shallow waters; priced at one-third the cost of comparable logging solutions.

"Many researchers, particularly those looking at stream and estuary ecology, want to profile general water temperature and light conditions across large areas," said Paul Gannett, product marketing manager for Onset. "The new HOBO Pendant responds to this need by combining temperature and light logging in a self-contained, cost-effective package."

Convenient, connector-free data offload:
The HOBO Pendant offloads data to a PC via a convenient USB-based optical interface, which provides high-speed, reliable data offload in wet environments. Its optical design eliminates the need for failure-prone mechanical connectors found in many traditional underwater data logger products.

Easy, intuitive software:
For plotting and analyzing temperature and light data, Onset offers HOBOware™ 2.0 for Windows, a highly intuitive graphing and analysis software package. HOBOware provides a user-friendly graphical user interface and enables users to quickly and easily print out graphs to view and document conditions.


Evan Lubofsky, Director of Marketing
Onset Computer Corporation
Direct Tel. (508) 743-3181
email: Evan Lubofsky


About Onset: 

Onset Computer Corporation has been producing small, inexpensive, battery-powered data loggers since 1981, and has sold over 1 Million units used throughout the world by more than 50,000 customers. Onset offers more than 60 models of data loggers to measure temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind, barometric pressure, light, AC current, carbon monoxide, 4-20 mA, voltage, on/off, open/closed, and events. Onset data loggers are used in a wide range of research, commercial and educational applications including agriculture, forestry, field biology, food production, manufacturing, transportation, and HVAC. NASA used HOBOs to measure space suit temperatures during spacewalks.