BOURNE, MA, January 9, 2004 — Onset Computer Corporation, the leader in reliable,HOBOware Software for Macs battery-powered data loggers, today introduced HOBOware, a Mac®-based data logger software package for the company's high-resolution, direct-USB HOBO U12 data loggers. HOBOware combines fast, easy logger launch and readout functions with powerful data plotting and analysis capabilities, making it easy for Mac OSX users to incorporate U12 loggers into their temperature, relative humidity, light intensity, and other monitoring applications.

New HOBOware® for Macintosh® computers enables fast, easy launching of HOBO® U12 loggers, provides powerful graphing and analysis capabilities

"HOBOware puts today's most advanced data logger technology into the hands of Mac users, who traditionally have had very few Mac-based logging solutions to choose from," said Paul Gannett, Product Marketing Manager for Onset. "This reinforces our ongoing commitment to the Macintosh platform, and will broaden the applications for our technology in Mac-based research, commercial and educational environments."

HOBOware enables users to quickly launch and readout U12 loggers with point-and-click simplicity, and is able to display data in three viewing formats: graphical plot, tabular, and deployment statistics. The software also offers a number of other convenient features, such as the ability to view multiple channels from a single logger on one graph, zoom tools for close-up viewing of data, and one-click conversion of data for easy upload into spreadsheets and other programs.

HOBOware supports a variety of HOBO U12 data loggers for measuring temperature, relative humidity (RH), light intensity, and other indoor environmental conditions. U12 loggers provide high-resolution measurements, exceptional long-term data accuracy (RH ±2.5%, Temperature ±0.35°C), and high-speed data offload.

The HOBOware software starter kit, which includes the software, USB cable, and manual, is priced at $59 U.S. and is currently available from Onset. HOBO U12 data loggers are priced from $75 - $199 U.S. and are also currently available.


Evan Lubofsky, Director of Marketing
Onset Computer Corporation
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About Onset: 

Onset Computer Corporation has been producing small, inexpensive, battery-powered data loggers since 1981, and has sold over 600,000 units used throughout the world by more than 25,000 customers. Onset offers more than 60 models of data loggers to measure temperature, humidity, light, AC current, carbon monoxide, 4-20 mA, voltage, on/off, open/closed, and events. Onset data loggers are used in a wide range of facilities management, HVAC, energy, transportation, and industrial applications.