New HOBO® U14 data logger tracks temperature and humidity around the clock, provides instant alarm notification of out-of-range conditions

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HOBO U14 LCD Data Logger
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BOURNE, MA, March 31, 2008 — Onset Computer Corporation, the "HOBO" Data Logger Company, today introduced the HOBO® U14 LCD Data Logger, a low-cost environmental monitoring system that displays and tracks temperature and humidity levels in a broad range of indoor environments including office buildings, museums, and storage facilities.

The HOBO U14 features an easy-to-read backlit LCD display that enables users to make immediate visual checks of temperature and humidity conditions, while providing long-term data logging for trend analysis. The data logger can notify users when environmental conditions exceed set limits on the LCD display, and via an optional audible alarm and auto phone dialer unit.

Other features include:

High-speed data offload — The HOBO U14 data logger provides high-speed data offload to a PC or Mac computer via a convenient, direct-USB interface.

Easy, intuitive software — For plotting and analyzing data, Onset offers HOBOware® software, a highly intuitive graphing and analysis software package for PC and Mac computers. HOBOware provides a user-friendly graphical user interface and enables users to quickly and easily plot, analyze and print data files, as well as export data to spreadsheet programs.

Large memory — The HOBO U14 LCD data logger stores over 43,000 12-bit temperature/humidity measurements with significantly-improved accuracy and resolution.

The HOBO U14 provides high-accuracy, reliable data in a range of monitoring applications. For example, in food storage applications, it can be used to verify that temperature conditions in refrigeration units stay within a certain threshold. In art galleries, it can help prevent climate-induced deterioration to works of art by keeping continuous watch on temperature and humidity levels. Greenhouse growers can use the HOBO U14 as part of their overall climate control strategy to help promote favorable growing conditions.

Pricing and availability
The HOBO U14 LCD data logger will be available in April 2008. Two models will be offered: The HOBO U14-001, which features internal temperature and relative humidity sensors, is priced at $199. The HOBO U14-002, which is configured with external temperature and humidity sensors, is priced at $159. Software, Remote Alarm, and Auto Dialer units for both models are sold separately. Visit http://www.onsetcomp.com for more details.



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