New HOBO® Water Level Logger Kits offer up to $200 in savings; out-of-the-box convenience

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HOBO Water Level Deluxe Kit
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BOURNE, MA, March 25, 2008 — Onset Computer Corporation, the “HOBO” data logger company, today introduced two new money-saving water level data logger kits that combine high accuracy water level measurements with out-of-the-box convenience.

Two kits are available. The Starter Kit ($100 cost savings) includes a HOBO Water Level Logger, HOBOware software, and an Optic USB Base Station. The Deluxe Kit ($200 cost savings) includes two HOBO Water Level Loggers, HOBOware® software, a HOBO Waterproof Data Shuttle and a carrying case.

"Our customers have been successfully using HOBO Water Level Loggers in a wide range of monitoring applications, from estuary research to groundwater monitoring, and have selected our water level loggers due to their 0.01-foot accuracy, reliability and value," said Paul Gannett, product marketing manager for Onset. "Now, the industry's easiest to deploy logger just got easier to purchase with these money-saving kits."

The HOBO Water Level Logger is a pressure-based water level recording device that combines research-grade accuracy and durability with a price tag that is roughly half the cost of most comparable solutions. It provides 0.05% of full-scale accuracy with multiple ranges and up to 0.005-foot resolution. Other features include:

Powerful, intuitive software: To analyze and plot water level data, Onset offers HOBOware, a highly intuitive graphing and analysis software package. HOBOware offers a number of convenient features such as easy pressure-to-level conversion, and a Barometric Compensation Assistant, which compensates for barometric pressure changes.

Convenient, connector-free data offload: The HOBO Water Level Logger offloads data to a PC or Mac computer via a convenient USB-based optical interface, which provides high-speed, reliable data offload in wet environments. Its optical design eliminates the need for failure-prone mechanical connectors found in many traditional water logger products, and provides for fast and easy data offload.

Pricing and availability
The HOBO Water Level Logger Starter Kit is priced at $604 ($100 savings). The Deluxe Kit is priced at $1,137 ($200 savings). Both kits are available now from Onset.


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