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New HOBO® U30 Frost Alarm System simplifies frost management, reduces water usage

BOURNE, MA, October 16, 2008 —Onset Computer Corporation, the “HOBO” data logger company, today unveiled the HOBO U30 Frost Alarm System, a web-based monitoring system that makes it easy and affordable for fruit growers to protect their crops while reducing water usage.

The solar-powered system enables growers to view real-time field conditions during frost events from any web browser, and set up frost alarms that automatically turn on irrigation pumps, wind machines and other frost-abatement equipment. The system can also send growers instant notification of when frost occurs, or equipment problems, via cell phone and email.

“Growers today are not only looking for automated ways to protect their valuable crops, but are also incentivized to reduce irrigation-related water usage,” said Paul Gannett, product marketing manager for Onset. “In fact, a recent report by the Cape Cod Cranberry Growers’ Association indicates that automated frost alarm systems can reduce water usage by 280,000 gallons per acre, per year. By saving water and reducing potentially harmful runoff, the HOBO U30 Frost Alarm System provides growers with an immediate return on investment. It also offers the added advantage of verifying that pumps and other equipment have turned on, so growers know if there is a site that needs immediate attention.”

Other system features include:

  • Research-grade dependability – The system features a NEMA 6-rated, double weatherproof enclosure for years of dependable operation in harsh field environments.
  • Smart Sensor architecture – The system’s Smart Sensor architecture enables a range of plug-and-play Smart Sensors to be connected without any complex wiring or programming.
  • Expandable design – The system can be easily expanded to monitor a wide range of field parameters including rainfall, soil moisture, wind speed and direction, and pump pressure.

To view real time data, Onset offers HOBOlink®, a revolutionary new web-enabled software platform. HOBOlink allows users to access current and historical data, set alarm notifications and relay activations, and manage and control HOBO U30 Frost Alarm Systems right from their desktop.

The HOBO U30 Frost Alarm System is currently available from Onset. The base model includes a HOBO U30 monitoring station, a temperature Smart Sensor, and a solar panel. Additional Smart Sensors, HOBOlink data service plans and accessories are priced separately. See /frost or call 1-800-LOGGERS for more details.



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ABOUT ONSET Onset Computer Corporation has been producing small, inexpensive, battery-powered HOBO data loggers since 1981, and has sold over 1.5 million loggers that are used throughout the world by over 50,000 customers. The company manufactures a broad range of data logger and weather station products that are used to measure temperature, humidity, light intensity, voltage, and a broad range of other parameters. Onset data loggers are used in a wide range of research, commercial, industrial, and renewable energy applications.