Onset Announces Low-Cost Sensors for Award-Winning HOBO Weather Stations

BOURNE, MA, April 6, 2016 – Onset, a world leader in data loggers and weather stations, today announced the availability of three low-cost weather sensors from Davis Instruments, which have been adapted to plug and play with Onset’s award-winning HOBO weather stations. Now organizations conducting environmental or agricultural research can combine the advantages of highly reliable, research-grade HOBO weather stations with affordable Davis sensors for monitoring rain and wind.

The Davis sensors—two for measuring rainfall and one for wind—are available directly from Onset, giving customers a single source for their environmental monitoring solution. And, the new sensors expand the range of options for wind and rain measurement.

“From tight government budgets to shrinking research grants, organizations are being asked to do more environmental research and monitoring with less funding,” said Herman Gustafson, product marketing manager at Onset. “Through the addition of good quality, low-cost Davis sensors that work seamlessly with our HOBO weather stations, we are empowering customers to rise to that challenge and conduct the scope of the research they need on budget.”

Plug-and-Play operation
The Davis sensors offer the same ease-of-use as other Onset Smart Sensors, and feature a plug-in modular connector for easy installation. Users can simply plug the sensors into an Onset station and begin monitoring, without having to spend time wiring or programming. Additionally, all configuration parameters are stored in the sensor and automatically communicated to the logger, eliminating the need for programming or extensive setup.

Compatible weather stations
The Davis sensors are compatible with Onset’s HOBO RX3000, U30-NRC, or H21 weather stations, which are known for performing reliably in the field year after year. The systems offer rugged, weatherproof protection from the elements and are available in both USB and web-based versions. HOBO weather stations can be configured with any combination of plug-and-play sensors for measuring air temperature, relative humidity, dew point, rainfall, soil moisture, solar radiation, wind speed and direction, and barometric pressure, among others.

Pricing and availability
The Davis sensors can be purchased directly today from Onset. Both Davis Rain Gauge sensor models are priced at $199. The Davis Wind Speed and Direction sensor is priced at $299. Complete pricing details and technical specifications can be found at http://www.onsetcomp.com.



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