New HOBO® U12 Deep Ocean Temp Logger tracks ocean temperatures at extreme depths

BOURNE, MA, May 26, 2011 - The new water temperature data logger is ideal for deep-water oceanographers looking for an easy-to-use, robust logger that can provide years of reliable performance in corrosive salt water environments. The logger can measure water temperatures from -40 to 125°C, and features a virtually indestructible titanium housing and a 3-year battery. Typical applications for the data logger include tracking hydrothermal vent activities and ocean circulation studies.

"We have been successfully using Onset HOBO U12 temperature loggers at water depths up to 2660 m for multi-year, down hole temperature records in long-term "CORK" hydrological observatories," said Keir Becker, professor of marine geology & geophysics at the University of Miami. "The data we've collected has been very useful in understanding sub-seafloor geothermal processes, the recovery of the borehole after drilling, and concurrent fluid chemistry. Our next installations will be in holes drilled at depths of 4500 m in the Atlantic Ocean. We have every expectation of similarly excellent results at these depths with the new HOBO U12 Deep Ocean Temp logger."

Convenient data offload
Water temperature data collected with the HOBO U12 Deep Ocean Temp logger can be quickly and easily offloaded to a PC or Mac computer via a direct USB interface. The data logger can also offload to Onset's HOBO U-Shuttle, a handheld data transport device that makes it easy to readout and re-launch the logger in the field without a laptop computer.

Powerful, intuitive software
Onset's HOBOware® Pro software makes it easy to graph and analyze water temperature data. Settings are configured using simple, intuitive windows, and the software provides a number of time-saving features that make it fast and easy to set up and offload many data loggers. HOBOware Pro also makes it easy to combine data sets from multiple HOBO U12 Deep Ocean temp loggers, and offers one-click data export to Microsoft® Excel and other programs.

Pricing and Availability
The HOBO U12 Deep Ocean Temp logger is available from Onset for $750. Software and accessories are priced separately. For more details and complete technical specifications, please visit /products/data-loggers/u12-015-03.


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