Dr Stephanie Schwabe PhD
Dr Stephanie Schwabe PhD
Dr. Stephanie Schwabe, PhD.
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BOURNE, MA, February 20, 2008 - Onset Computer Corporation, the "HOBO®" data logger company, today announced the availability of a new audio podcast discussing the exploration of Bahamas’ underwater cave systems.

In the podcast, world-renowned cave diver and scientist Dr. Stephanie Schwabe, PhD. discusses her expeditions in the remote “Black Hole” in South Andros, Bahamas, and the role underwater temperature data loggers play in her research.

“My research includes studying everything that happens in these underwater systems, from water temperature studies to learning how these systems form,” said Schwabe. “More specifically, I collect geochemical data and I am looking at the profile of the water column as we go from the surface to depth.”

To listen to Dr. Schwabe discuss her experiences, please visit /blackhole. The podcast can be played on a PC or Mac computer, an iPod, or other MP3 players.

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