Onset's Data-to-Decision Partner - RoundhouseOne

Onset has partnered with RoundhouseOne (RH1) to deliver a streamlined data driven design decision-making process for the built environment.

Together, Onset and RH1 are helping clients by reducing all the barriers that stand between them and making informed, actionable decisions related to facilitiy investments and operational change.

Working with executives & facility decision makers of organizations looking to embark on strategic planning initiatives or response scopes, RH1 provides powerful correlation based analytic capabilities using key metrics to:

  • Reduce TCO
  • Avoid capital costs
  • Measure ROI
  • Optimize revenue

Enabling this, RH1’s software platform, 4Daptive, allows for Data Managment, Analytics, and External Benchmarking & Indexing. Facility planning insights are generated by relating data across three domains:

  • Human factors
  • Physical structures
  • Environmental conditions

All HOBOlink data can be sent directly to RH1’s 4Daptive platform for data storage and analysis.

To learn more about RoundhouseOne and their software platform 4Daptive, please visit their website.