Onset's Analytics Partner - Lucid

Onset has partnered with Lucid to deliver a new, integrated solution for real-time building energy monitoring. 

The solution combines Onset’s web-based HOBO U30 energy monitoring system with Lucid’s BuildingOS energy management software to monitor, display and report on whole building energy consumption. 

The software leverages Lucid’s ConnectNow™ integration technology, so linking HOBO U30 systems to Building OS can happen in minutes even from remote locations. 

If you have a large portfolio of buildings such as office parks, banks, universities, and municipal facilities, you can now interface HOBO U30 systems with this best-in-class building dashboard software to:

  • Make informed decisions on building performance
  • Pinpoint sources of building energy waste
  • Prioritize the biggest opportunities for efficiency improvements
  • Measure ROI of installed equipment

To learn more about Lucid’s BuildingOS software, please visit their website.

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