NEWA Agricultural Modeling with HOBO Weather Stations

What is NEWA?

The Network for Environment and Weather Applications ( NEWA ) is a collection of agricultural decision support tools that use real-time weather data. NEWA is part of the New York State Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program at Cornell University. NEWA tools have been developed by agricultural commodity researchers and cooperative extension specialists, using published research and on-the-ground expertise throughout its 24-state network.

Disease risk and insect pest forecasts are available for a variety of crops, including:

  • Apples
  • Grapes
  • Onions
  • Potatoes
  • Tomatoes
  • Sweet corn
Map of NEWA partners and grower partners

NEWA partner states (green) and states with individual grower partners (blue).

NEWA Modeling and HOBO Weather Stations

Combining easy-to-deploy, rugged HOBO weather stations with NEWA’s forecasting data provides access to microclimate monitoring data as well as integrated crop models.

The NEWA network offers:

  • Plant disease models
  • Insect pest development models
  • Crop production models
  • Free access in member states

HOBO Weather Station offers:

  • Reliable weather monitoring with low-cost annual data plans
  • Alarm notifications via text
  • 24/7 data access via HOBOlink
NEWA Weather Station Kit

Monitor microclimates for increased ROI

  • Protect your crops
    Connect 1 to 50 wireless sensors to protect your plants against frost with real-time temperature alerts
  • Improve irrigation
    Use soil moisture data to irrigate only when needed

Meet HOBOnet

NEWA Recommended Starter Kit

Starting at
$0 USD

(Ethernet and Wi-Fi options are available, contact Onset sales for more information)

Includes (one of each)

1. RX2106 Station (annual data plan required)
MicroRX Station
A rugged, easy-to-deploy, low-cost cellular solution for long-term, reliable field monitoring. Inputs for up to five plug-and-play sensors. Data access through cloud-based HOBOlink platform.

See product page

2. Leaf Wetness Sensor
Leaf Wetness Smart Sensor
Provides accurate leaf wetness data in a number of growing and research applications; ready to use, requires no painting or coating.

See product page

3. Temp/RH Sensor with Radiation Shield
Temperature/Relative Humidity (2m cable) Smart Sensor
A temp/RH sensor with 2 m cable, designed to work with all HOBO data loggers that accept Smart Sensors; no programming, calibration, or extensive user setup required.

See product page

Solar Radiation Shield
Use the RS3-B Solar Radiation Shield with HOBO external sensors for improved temperature measurement accuracy in locations exposed to sunlight. The small size and unobstructed airflow of this shield provides a faster response to changing conditions than larger radiation shields. The RS3-B Solar Radiation Shield works with most of Onset's external temperature and temperature/relative humidity sensors, including those for our award-winning HOBO Weather Station products...

See product page

4. Solar Radiation Sensor, Bracket and Level
Solar Radiation (Silicon Pyranometer) Smart Sensor
Measures light levels; rapid deployment, with no complicated programming or setup required; compatible with H21, H22, and U30 family loggers

See product page

Light Sensor Bracket
The light sensor bracket is designed for use with tripods, masts, or flat surfaces. Use to avoid obstructions and shadows that could affect your PAR or solar radiation measurements. Includes leveling screws.

See product page

Light Sensor Level
Simply drop the light sensor level over the PAR or solar radiation sensor to determine if the sensor is level. Purchase one for use on any number of light sensors.

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5. Wind Speed & Direction Sensor
Davis® Wind Speed and Direction Smart Sensor
Compatible with all HOBO weather station loggers, HOBOware, and HOBOlink; requires no programming or extensive setup.

See product page

6. Rain Gauge
Davis® 0.01" Rain Gauge Smart Sensor
Compatible with HOBO weather stations, HOBOware, and HOBOlink, this 0.01" rain gauge sensor features a plug-in modular connector for easy installation; requires no programming or extensive setup.

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Mounting options, frost alerts, and soil moisture monitoring

Mounting Options
Temperature Sensor for Frost Alerts
Soil Moisture Sensor
Frequently Asked Questions
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Is there a weather station configuration that represents what I need for my farm?


We do have a very basic weather station recommendation, but our systems are highly configurable and our sales team is happy to work with you to configure a system that’s ideal for your farm. For example, we would want to consider wireless sensors to help map true temperature of apple trees on an orchard, or detect potential freeze points for bogs. We can also leverage these wireless sensors to provide soil moisture mapping throughout a berry farm.

How is soil moisture data factored into the NEWA disease models?


Currently it is not. However, NEWA does allow you to display your soil moisture data in its interface, and of course you can always access it through to view, alarm, or export this information.

Why would I need to know the soil moisture on my farm if it is not used in the NEWA models?


Soil moisture data can help you determine the ideal time for seeding and planting. It can also assist in cases where you may have varying landscapes and irrigation management is critical to optimal production.

The default station you recommend is cellular. Can I use Wi-Fi or Ethernet?


Absolutely. If the location where you are deploying your station is Wi-Fi or Ethernet-enabled, HOBO RX weather stations are ideal. For Wi-Fi, it’s important to be completely certain about the strength of the signal at the barn, or wherever your station is deployed.

Which data plan should I choose?


That depends on how frequently you want to get your data. If you are working on a near-real-time basis, then the SP-812 Basic plan, which offers one-hour uploads, should suffice. If you want your data more frequently, then we would recommend our SP-814 Standard plan. These plans operate on 4G networks and require annual renewal.