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Software Configuration Manager


The Software Configuration Manager reports to the Software Engineering Lead. The Software Engineering department strives to deliver high-quality software that provides our customers with the capabilities they need to access and manage data acquired by our sensors and loggers. We focus on ease-of-use for maximum end-user benefit, maintenance of the integrity of our customers' data, and extensibility of the products to facilitate short development cycles for new features and hardware support. The Software Configuration Manager will work with all development teams to handle configuration management for all of Onset’s software projects and products.  


  • Administer software change-control processes, working with development teams daily to ensure all change-control processes are being followed and that pull requests are being handled properly
  • Coordinate branch management between teams, providing regular guidance on proper branches for features and releases, facilitating software module coordination between projects, and documenting what is in each branch such that it is visible to all teams
  • Create and maintain automated (CI/CD) deployment pipelines and hosted environments, determining policies around what is automated vs deployed on demand
  • Stand up QA environments, performance test clusters, and standby servers for blue-green testing
  • Manage and maintain processes and tools for builds, working with development teams to determine build tools for mobile, desktop, and embedded FW, and working with IT to ensure proper build server infrastructure and connectivity
  • Create release candidate builds for components and applications on all platforms
  • Write deployment plans and execute releases to hosted products, in coordination with dev teams and IT operations
  • Maintain and publish production release schedules, including all configuration items and component dependencies
  • Verify the completeness and correctness of configuration items in release candidate and ready-for-production releases
  • Coordinate with SWE & IT operations to identify configuration items
  • Perform periodic audits to assess process adherence and effectiveness


  • Go and Jenkins
  • Git, BitBucket, and SVN
  • AWS cloud management
  • TestFairy, TestFlight, and iTunes Connect

This is a full-time, salaried position offering attractive compensation and a comprehensive benefits package. 

Local candidates only