Environmental Focus

At Onset, we're green by nature. For more than three decades, our HOBO® data loggers have been an instrumental part of countless green/conservation initiatives. Here are just a few examples:
      • Indoors, our data loggers track energy and HVAC systems performance to help reduce energy costs.
      • Outdoors, HOBOs document climate change and monitor the efficiency of wind and solar power systems.
      • Underwater, our data loggers study the impact of elevated water temperatures on fish habitats.

Energy efficiency, sustainability, and environmental friendliness are important goals for Onsetonians and our customers.

On June 29, 2012, we achieved a major milestone by reducing our carbon footprint with the startup of our new 225-kilowatt roof-mounted photovoltaic system. Made up of 936 solar panels, the solar energy system is expected to produce nearly 50% of the company’s annual electricity usage and pay for itself in three years.

The solar panels were manufactured here in the United States by Schott Solar, and installed by Beaumont Solar of New Bedford, MA. 


Onset Computer Corporation certifies that all of its data logger products are RoHS compliant. All products conform to the Recast RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU of the European Union’s Restriction on Use of Hazardous Substances in Monitoring and Control Instruments (including Industrial Monitoring and Control Instruments).

This statement was last updated July 22, 2014