HOBOware Pro 3.7.5

  • Support was added for reading .HOBO datafiles from the new HOBO Direct Read Water Level logger (MX2001-xx) and plotting the data, showing the data in table format and displaying details about the device and the launch. HOBOware cannot launch, read out or check the status of this new logger.
  • RX3000 Manager now displays a list of attached sensors in a Conditions panel, similar to HOBOlink, and allows collection and display of readings for each sensor. For analog sensors, only the measured voltage or current is available, not the configured engineering units for the sensor. Also, the dew point temperature for a Temp/RH sensor is not available. NOTE: The latest version of Java 8 is required for this functionality.
  • If you export HOBOware CSV files with the HOBOlink Custom Data and Data Delivery features, HOBOware attempts to preserve any labels added to the series if you import those files.
  • A new firmware update (version 171) has been added for the MX1102 (CO2) logger.
  • Support has been added for new Rainfall, Wind Speed and Wind Direction Smart Sensors You can now use the S-RGC-M002 (US units) Rain Gauge, S-RGD-M002 (Metric units) Rain Gauge and the S-WCF-M003 combined wind speed/gust/direction sensor.
  • The Onset Computer Corporation Software License Agreement is now copied to the user's computer during installation. On Windows installations, it can be found in the "HOBOware Public Files" folder in the Public Documents folder (\Users\Public\Public Documents\HOBOware Public Files). On OS X installations, it can be found in the HOBOware folder in the User's Documents folder (/Users/<user>/Documents/HOBOware).
  • A bug was fixed in the Growing Degree Days Data Assistant that only affected data from importing text files. The bug prevented the Degree Days values from being placed at the correct time 24 hours apart and instead placed the values as the same time interval as the Temperature data. Now, Degree Days values are correctly placed at midnight for each day there is Degree Day value.