HOBOware Pro 3.7.1

  • HOBOware Lite has been renamed. It is now simply called HOBOware. HOBOware Pro keeps its name.
  • The newly renamed HOBOware is now free.
  • Free HOBOware can now be used with our loggers that use a serial port. Those loggers are the U30, the H21 Weather Station and Micro Station and the H22 Energy Logger.
  • The Linear Scaling and Pulse Scaling Data Assistants can now be used with Free HOBOware. The other Data Assistants can only be used with HOBOware Pro.
  • Free HOBOware can now pre-define Linear Scaling and Pulse Scaling at Launch time for sensors that can use scaling.
  • The resolution of the RMS Current channel for the new UX120-018 Plug Load Logger has been increased to 4 decimal places to show the true resolution of 8.3 mA that the sensor is capable of.