HOBOware Pro 3.5.0

  • Support for the new HOBO 4-Channel Thermocouple logger (UX120-014M), including launch capability, pre-launch filters, alarms, burst logging, statistics logging (maximum, minimum, average, and standard deviation), and the ability to stop and restart logging during a single deployment.
  • The ability to assign labels to sensors for all logger models in the Launch Logger window, a feature previously only available for station loggers, such as the HOBO U30 and Micro Station.
  • Enhancements to the export table data feature, including the ability to set the default order of measurement types in the Export Settings preferences and to quickly reorder series in the Export window by dragging them.
  • Other high priority bug fixes including:
    • Fixed the Help > Submit Technical Support Request feature.
    • Fixed issues related to the Barometric Compensation Assistant including the Pressure series being removed or going backwards in time.
    • Fixed an issue with the Grains Per Pound Assistant choosing the wrong Temperature series when launched with filters on the Temperature sensor.
    • Fixed the Preferences > General > Launch Time-Saving Options feature to 'Automatically launch' for station loggers.

Note: The Alarm & Readout Tool is no longer installed with HOBOware as of version 3.4.0. However, you will still have access to the software if it was installed with an older version of HOBOware.