HOBOware Pro 3.4.1

  • Device menu options specific to HOBO U30 Stations are now available through a new "Manage U30" menu choice.
  • Removed ability to launch UX100 loggers with wrap enabled in Burst logging mode.
    • This will be fixed in 3.5
  • Other high priority bug fixes including:
    • Fixed inability to plot datafiles from a deployment with Filters at Launch and a logging mode of Burst during which the data did not exceed the limits to log at the Burst logging interval.
    • Fixed Pendant G loggers not offering Fast mode in the Launch window.
    • Fixed wrapped data files with incorrect GMT offset when opened on a system with a time zone offset different than the launch time zone offset.
    • Fixed importing text files from HOBOlink with a negative GMT offset or partial hour offset, e.g. GMT -3.5.
  • Set U30 APN feature (dealer access only)

Note: The Alarm & Readout Tool is no longer installed with HOBOware as of version 3.4.0. However, you will still have access to the software if it was installed with an older version of HOBOware.