HOBOware Pro 3.3.1

  • Support for the new HOBO U26 Dissolved Oxygen logger, including launch and readout capability, a Lab Calibration tool to calibrate the logger to 100% and/or 0% saturation, and a Dissolved Oxygen Data Assistant that corrects for measurement drift from fouling and generates salinity-adjusted DO concentration as well as percent saturation data.
  • The ability to update firmware for receivers in the HOBO ZW Wireless System.
  • A data encoding preference added to the General preferences that controls whether data in HOBOware is imported and exported based on UTF-8 or operating system standards.
  • French language support for the software user interface (Help and user guides are available in English only).
  • Other high priority bug fixes including:
    • Added support for regional formats to the Conductivity Assistant.
    • Station loggers start logging choice no longer reverts to Now upon a refresh of the sensors.