HOBOware Pro 3.2.2

(Note: HOBOware 3.2.2 is an English-only release.)

Added in HOBOware Pro 3.2.2 for Windows and Mac:™

  • Enhanced display preferences for sorting data series in the Status and Plot Setup windows.
  • A utility for upgrading the HOBOnode Manager database to improve performance.
  • Performance improvements for the HOBO data nodes Data Delivery feature.
  • The FTP option for the HOBO data nodes Data Delivery feature has been modified to use passive mode, which allows for better connections through firewalls.
  • An update to the Conductivity Assistant, which includes refinements in the calculation of temperature compensation and a new option for non-linear, sea water compensation based on PSS-78.
  • A revision to the calculation for T-CDI-5200-10S and T-CDI-5400-20S sensors when used with U-series loggers ensuring data is displaying properly.
  • Support for Java 7.
  • Several other high priority bug fixes.