HOBOware Pro 3.2.1

(Note: HOBOware 3.2.1 is an English-only release.)

Added in HOBOware Pro 3.2.1 for Windows and Mac:™

  • The integration of the Alarm & Readout Tool, which is now automatically installed and available for use from the Tools menu.
  • The ability for all non-administrator users to run HOBOware on Windows (administrator privileges are required to install HOBOware, map and unmap file assocations, and load new Data Assistants).
  • Compatibility with iMac® and MacBook® Pro and Intel® Core i5 and i7processors.
  • A revision to the calculation for the S-SMD Soil Moisture Sensor ensuring data is displaying accurately.
  • The option to create new files or overwrite existing ones via FTP when using the Data Delivery feature for HOBO Data Nodes. This allows you to automatically import wireless node CSV data into other applications, such as Microsoft® Excel®.
  • Macintosh support for the U24 series loggers.
  • Several other high priority bug fixes.