HOBOware Pro 3.1.0

  • The ability to undo and redo changes made to the plot display, including zooming, panning, crosshair placement, graph and axis properties modifications, and more.
  • A shortcut for switching between default US and SI unit types with a new toolbar icon.
  • Support for new sensors when launching U12 series data loggers.
  • Support for 64-Bit Windows operating systems.
  • Enhancements to the web update service, which now lists details about any available software updates directly in HOBOware.

There are also several new features available within HOBOnode Manager (available in HOBOware Pro only). These include:

  • A HOBOnode Viewer webpage, where you can view plots and data from your HOBO data node network in a browser.
  • Data delivery, which allows you to automatically send data from your HOBO data node network to others via email or FTP, or save it to a computer or network drive.
  • The ability to create new network deployments.
  • A new low battery alarm that will trip when the batteries are low in data nodes and routers.
  • Several new viewing preferences for real-time plots, including a month view, limits to the number of sensors or days of data to display, and alarm threshold markers.
  • The ability to deselect the sensor type of an external sensor channel within a data node.
  • A visual indication on the status bar in the main HOBOware window that the receiver from your data node wireless network is connected or disconnected.
  • Automatic calculation of dew point when plotting or exporting data that has temperature and humidity values
  • Automatic detection of the presence of the CABLE-TEMP/RH sensor in appropriate data nodes.