HOBOware 3.7.7

  • A bug was found in HOBOware 3.7.6 right after its release. It prevented the Barometric Compensation Assistant and the Dissolved Oxygen Assistant from using text files for barometric compensation. Now, text files may be used as barometric compensation in those Data Assistants as they were in earlier versions of HOBOware.
  • We have added Simplified Chinese to the list of languages that HOBOware can handle.
  • A new firmware update, Version 24, is available for UX100 series loggers.  This update prevents a potential battery reset issue which could result in logging being stopped prematurely.  We strongly recommend that you perform this update on your UX100 loggers.
  • HOBOware Help has been restructured to work with HTML5.
  • HOBOware can now handle Unicode characters in users' Home folder name.