HOBOware 3.7.4

HOBOware 3.7.4 is a special version to fix two high priority bugs found in HOBOware 3.7.3. These bugs only affect Onset loggers that allow multiple logging interval:

  • TidbiT UTBI-001 Temperature logger
  • U20 and U20L Water Level loggers
  • U22 Water Temperature logger
  • U23 weatherproof loggers
  • U24 Conductivity/Salinity loggers
  • U26 Dissolved Oxygen logger

Bugs fixed in 3.7.4:

  • Incorrect logging intervals applied to affected logger families. 
    • Changing the logging interval would not be properly applied to loggers at launch – despite displaying properly in the launch dialog.
  • DATA LOSS / Header corruption can result when reading out affected logger families when launched with multiple logging intervals.