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  • July is Lakes Appreciation Month - Check out these lake facts

    Did you know...lakes can die?! Check out this post, where you will find answers to this and more, like what is the biggest lake? What country has the most lakes...? And, what is the biggest fish ever to have been found in a lake? (You won't believe it!) 

  • July is Lakes Appreciation Month

    July is Lakes Appreciation Month. Besides being great summer recreational locations, lakes are also important ecosystems for the organisms, insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles and mammals that live in, or around them.

  • May is American Wetlands Month

    The United States is home to coastal and inland wetlands, both salt and freshwater, and they can be found in all 50 states. But first, let me ask you a relevant, albeit strange question - do you like your kidneys?

  • HOBO Photo Contest Winner 2018

    Onset ran a HOBO photo contest on Facebook, calling for customer photos. A winner was chosen and awarded a HOBO data logger. This post highlights his cool application and BEAUTIFUL photo. Follow us on social media - we'll be running the contest again this year!

  • Earth Day 2019 is all about protecting endangered species, like this sea turtle

    Do you have a grudge against sea turtles? No, of course you don’t! They are peaceful and beautiful ocean-dwelling reptiles that play a special part in our ocean ecosystem, but they are on the most-endangered list. So what are people doing about it?

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