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  • HOBO Data Loggers - Monitoring Green Roofs

    This blog post is all about green roofs: what they are, how they work, and how they drive sustainability in urban areas. Bonus points for you if you know which children's book inspired the title of this post... 

  • HOBO Data Loggers in a Micro Vineyard

    Cool customer application coming your way! Rick started his own ‘high-tech micro vineyard’ in his backyard and chose HOBO Data Loggers to get a better grip of his local climate and seasonal extremes. 

  • Onset Supports Local High School Student Setting up a Weather Station for his Senior Project

    Onset is involved in our local community in a number of ways, so we thought it was pretty great when we heard that our VP of Sales is spurring student interest in data logging.

  • Enter to Win a Data Logger by Visiting the Onset Booth at World Ag Expo 2019!

    If you’re headed to Tulare, California for this event on February 12-14th stop by our booth (#2025) and say hi to Paul and Sean. They'll be showing off our new HOBOnet system, which makes monitoring weather and soil conditions more accessible, cost-effective, and reliable for growers.