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  • April is National Volunteer Month

    Onset does good, do you? By good, we mean volunteering as part of its company culture. If you do volunteer, you're one of 63 million Americans who take part in this "do-good" activity every year.

  • If you thought that romance and data loggers didn’t go together, you’d be wrong! It’s Valentine’s Day and in honor of this holiday, we’re sending all of our HOBO data logger customers some love via a twist on a classic sonnet.

  • Choosing a Temperature Data Logger Guide

    We make so many choices every day, it can be exasperating even choosing our morning caffeine. And technology choices don’t come any easier. With so many options for data loggers, how do you know which to choose?

  • Data loggers are very helpful in indoor environments such as offices, to measure indoor air quality

    If you don't know the answer, we are happy to introduce you to the world of data logging! We'll share what data loggers are, where they are used and who uses them. as well as some fun, "did you know...?'" facts. Enjoy!

  • Early HOBO pressure data logger with HOBO icon

    We have been asked this MANY times. Even the "newbies" here at Onset ask the question, "What’s with the name HOBO?" The most common thought is that it’s an acronym, and the answer to that is "no, but yes!"

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