There are people who do amazing things every day. In 2018, Ben Lecomte was one of those people, stretching his mind and body in the name of science and sustainability to swim from Japan across the Pacific to San Francisco. His main purpose?

“To raise worldwide awareness for environmental sustainability and the impact that we have on our oceans.”

Ben Lecomte is no stranger to long-distance swimming. In 1998 he was the first person to swim across the Atlantic without a kickboard. He swam for 73 days.

Ben Lecomte swam across the Pacific with a HOBO Data Logger

Joining him on "the Longest Swim" across the Pacific was a sailboat with a highly-trained six-person crew. Ben also had an electrically-powered dinghy throughout the day to provide him with food and drink and help in case of an emergency. (On his last swim, he was followed by a shark for five days, so that was probably a good safety measure!)

To swim eight hours a day for 180 days (six months!) is a monumental physical and psychological challenge.

It didn’t end exactly as Ben and his crew had planned; bad weather damaged their boat beyond repair so they could not continue to San Francisco.

But Ben starting his swim in Japan on June 5, 2018 and not touching land again until December 12, 2018 in Hawaii is unblieveable!


We’re excited about his accomplishment, not only because it brought well-deserved attention to water quality in our oceans, but also because the Longest Swim team used Onset’s HOBO Conductivity Data Logger to track salinity, conductivity, and temperature on this awesome expedition.

Here is more info about the water research on ‘the Longest Swim’.

For more info on Ben Lecompte and his Longest Swim check out his website.

In this record-breaking expedition, we are proud that our HOBO Conductivity Data Logger helped the Longest Swim team with their high-definition water research. Every day our water quality data loggers and sensors help researchers, hydrologists, oceanographers, water quality managers, students, and others in the field monitor important water quality data like temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, depth, and more. Check out all our water quality monitoring products.

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