We are all reading about the big trends in agriculture and how more farmers and growers are adopting new technology, moving towards a smarter and ‘precision ag’ evolution:

“…Data analysis in the years ahead will supplement what farmers know intuitively—and in some cases challenge those assumptions. New products rely on … sensors, soil maps, and millions of weather data points.”

Onset and HOBO Data Loggers have been committed to providing the best-in-class solutions for researchers in the agricultural space for decades. As farmers and growers turn towards higher tech and smarter solutions in monitoring and protecting their crops, Onset has developed and released its new HOBOnet® Field Monitoring System, which we will be showing at World Ag.

So if you’re headed to Tulare, California for this event on February 12-14th (with these crazy cold temps in the Midwest and Northeast, who wouldn’t want to head West!?), stop by Onset booth 2025 and say hello to Paul and Sean. They will be showing off HOBOnet, which makes monitoring changing weather and soil conditions over an area more accessible, cost-effective, and reliable for growers.

The HOBOnet system can help reduce water use, save costs, improve crop quality, and protect against climate hazards such as frost and heat.

For researchers and extension agents attending, we will also be displaying have some of our newest HOBO data loggers, which feature wireless offload with mobile devices. These are great for recording weather conditions during studies or for site evaluation.

Not only can you check out the new HOBOnet system and our newest HOBO data loggers, but we will be holding a raffle to win a free data logger!

And whether you’re a veteran in the agricultural space, or a newcomer, we have a bunch of free resources that you may find useful, including: