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  • NALMS Lakes Appreciation Month 2021

    Lakes...We work and play on them, but do we really appreciate them? Growing population, development, and invasive species stress our local lakes, ponds, and reservoirs. All life needs water; let’s not take it for granted!

  • World Rivers Day

    Celebrated on the fourth Sunday in September, World Rivers Day highlights the values of rivers and strives to increase public awareness and encourage improved stewardship of waterways around the world.

  • August is Water Quality Month

    Water is a vital resource, and during Water Quality Month, we applaud the hard-working water professionals who are dedicated to conserving and preserving our H2O!

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  • Saving the Smalltooth Sawfish - Photo by Tonya Wiley

    One of the more intriguing fish in the ray family is the sawfish. Its long, narrow, flattened nose extension (rostrum) is lined with sharp teeth that look like a saw. HOBO data loggers are being used to study the smalltooth species found almost exclusively in south Florida. 

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