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  • Farmer using MX2200 data logger to track climate fluctuations

    Extreme climate fluctuations can be frustrating, especially if your livelihood depends on the weather. This stress affects farmers all over the world, including Tom Baker, a strawberry grower in Virginia.

  • Black-bellied pangolin tagged with HOBO data logger

    What nocturnal mammal is covered in scales, eats ants and termites, lives in Africa, and is critically endangered?

  • The UPOD device helps reduce mosquito larvae

    A group of graduate students, participating in the Biomimicry Challenge, used HOBO data loggers to help test a device aimed at reducing one of nature's most dangerous pests. This pest is the cause of hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations, and thousands of deaths each year.

  • NYC requires new buildings to have green roofs

    American cities are jumping on the green roof bandwagon, passing into law ways to increase sustainability, become ‘greener’ and combat climate change by enforcing that buildings have green roofs. Is your city on the list?

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