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  • CNN Story About a Gym Owner Using HOBO Data Loggers to Monitor CO2 to Improve IAQ During COVID

    CNN published a story about a gym owner who narrowly escaped a COVID-spreading event at her facility. Luckily, the gym had recently undergone a redesign of its ventilation system, which included...HOBO data loggers!  

  • Working remotely? Connect with Onset and join us for one or more of these free on-demand webinars to discover our wide range of indoor, outdoor, and water monitoring products, learn best practice tips, and hear about unique customer applications!

  • Ask This Old House hosts talking about indoor air quality and how to measure it using devices like HOBO data loggers

    In a recent episode of America's favorite long-running home improvement show Ask This Old House (ATOH) – not one, not two, but three HOBO data loggers were featured!

  • Energy Efficiency Day

    The drive to save money through energy efficiency may seem like old news to you. This is probably because the beginning of energy efficiency as we know it, was over 30 years ago in the 1970’s. 

  • Bad IAQ of Increased CO2 Can Cause Cognitive Dysfunction

    Most people think of outdoor air pollution when they think of CO2. So you’re probably picturing smoke stacks or car exhausts filling the air with noxious black smoke. But increased CO2 inside is also a big deal.

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