Monitoring solutions that provide accurate and reliable information for smarter crop-management decisions.

To maximize efficiency and stay competitive, you need a crop monitoring solution that lets you…

  • Increase productivity
  • Cultivate higher-yield, higher-quality crops
  • Lower your costs

Do it all with Onset’s HOBO monitoring products, including systems that give you the freedom to monitor soil, water, and wind conditions from home, or from anywhere at all, at any time!

You know what to do when it comes to farming…
let HOBO monitoring products help you know when to do it!

Trusted by research professionals around the world, Onset has been designing and manufacturing its products on-site, in the United States, since 1981. With HOBO data logger and weather stations deployed in some of the harshest environments, where they continue to provide accurate, reliable data – our customers count on our products to perform. And now you can grow crops with confidence, knowing that Onset’s time-tested HOBO monitoring solutions offer the support agricultural professionals need!

Real-time data anywhere
Receive real-time alerts of critical conditions and a detailed view of crop monitoring data, all on a single, customizable dashboard.
Confirm conditions before spraying
Avoid wasted pesticide applications and determine the risk of disease or pest emergence by confirming wind, temperature, and humidity conditions.
Plan irrigation based on crop needs
Use soil moisture, evapotranspiration, and rain data to irrigate only when needed and determine water retention and moisture patterns.
Improve crop planning
View microclimate monitoring data to determine optimal crop locations, and plan for more accurate harvest dates.
Monitor water level in wells and tanks
Easily track and record water flow remotely in irrigation channels and streams to assess irrigation and runoff.
Reduce costs
Monitor critical conditions so you can prioritize when and where to deploy workers, use equipment, and irrigate.
Protect your crops against climate impacts
Protect plants from frost and excess heat with real-time alerts that allow rapid decision-making to prevent crop loss.
Accurate reporting for compliance and claims
Leverage accurate historical data to provide regulatory compliance and make crop insurance claims easier.

Choose Your Solution

  Data Loggers RX Series Sensors
  MX RX3000 RX2100 Temp/RH Soil
Solar Radiation Leaf Wetness Rainfall Water Level/Flow Wind
For irrigation planning efficiency R O
Evapotranspiration1 R R R
Integrated Pest Management   R O O O O
Pesticide application compliance R O R
Crop planning R O O
Water level tracking (well/tank) R2
Water runoff
Remote monitoring of conditions O O O O O O O
Real time alerts of critical points O O O O O O O
R = Required
O = Optional/Nice to have
  1. Evapotranspiration calculation included with HOBOlink. Wind, solar radiation and temp/RH sensors must be  installed together on same location. Solar radiation shield required.
  2. To measure flow in irrigation channels or drainpipes, a 3rd party flume or weir is required.

On-site Monitoring

(using Bluetooth Low Energy and HOBOmobile)

  • No annual fee
  • Low-cost
  • Measurements: temp/RH
  • Compact, weatherproof

Remote Monitoring

(using Wireless and/or Plug-and-Play Sensors and HOBOlink)

  • Text/email alerts if conditions reach user-set thresholds
  • Measurements: soil moisture, temp/RH, light (PAR & solar radiation), wind speed & direction, leaf wetness, barometric pressure, water level, calculated evapotranspiration