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  • Webinar:
    This webinar introduces you to the HOBO® MicroRX Station – the newest product in our line of low-cost environmental monitoring stations known for reliability and durability. You'll learn how you can easily view, access, and share your data in the cloud.
  • Webinar:
    The new HOBO® MicroRX Water Level Station is an exciting new product that partners our new cellular, web-enabled MicroRX station with our own water level sensor to deliver water level and flow monitoring data to cloud-based HOBOlink® software.
  • White Paper:
    This white paper provides commercial growers and researchers with an overview of the wireless field monitoring alternatives available today, and highlights the six important factors to consider when selecting and deploying the most optimal solution.
  • Webinar:
    Ask the Experts! View this one-hour webinar with Onset data-logging experts Scott Ellis and Mike Delellis to enhance your understanding of all topics related to HOBOware data logging software.
  • Webinar:
    In this webinar you will learn a whole new way to collect and view data for crop management, research, and greenhouse operations, with the new HOBOnet Field Monitoring System.

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