Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade to HOBO U-Series Loggers

U-Series vs. H-Series

1 Direct USB connectivity – HOBO U-Series loggers let you offload data in seconds vs. minutes.
2 Improved accuracy – U-Series loggers offer improved accuracy and higher resolution than H-Series counterparts, giving you better data to make decisions with.
2 Compatibility with our latest software – U-Series loggers work with HOBOware™ Pro, Onset’s most advanced software platform. HOBOware Pro features a wide range of data assistant tools, including alarm capabilities, scaling, one-click data export, and other useful tools not available in BoxCar. [Compare HOBOware Pro and HOBOware]
2 Larger memory – U-Series loggers store more measurements than their H-Series counterparts. This makes them a better choice for long-term deployments, or applications requiring fast sample rates.
2 Exceptional price/performance – HOBO U-series loggers offer more features, improved functionality, and compatibility with today’s computers – all at lower prices than their H-Series counterparts.

U-Series vs. H-Series Loggers
U-Series Upgrade List