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    martin s andersen
    6 days 8 hours ago
    How do one check the current logger time for a HOBO Water Temp Pro v2? We don't seem to be able to check logger time drift against the computer time when retrieving or downloading the data....
    1 week 1 hour ago
    Hello, I need to connect a sensor to the HOBO UX120-006M logger, but I don't have the CABLE-2.5-STEREO - I will have to make my own cable. My question is, how should the cable be wired so the...
    1 week 3 days ago
    Hello, I bought several U20 Water level. I was wondering when the test "Water level Quick test " should be done ? Before put U20 in water or after (when we remove it ) ? Thanks in advance,...
    2 weeks 4 days ago
    We have set up a single node in a vault for art objects. It connects to a laptop in the vault. We would like to remove the laptop from the vault and use it for a period of time outside the wireless...