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    5 days 2 hours ago
    I'm could not view data in Hobo ware version 3.7.13 and 3.7.1 also even though I could see the bottom bar of this Hobo ware is showing device name and one device connected message. After I...
    5 days 18 hours ago
    Greetings just purchased a UX120-006M and it did not do anything when I put the batteries in other than indicate battery level was full. So it appears I need to run this windows program before it...
    1 week 5 hours ago
    Hi There. I just purchased a PAR sensor S-LIA-M003. I need to connect it to our custom IoT box (in progress) and I was looking for technical datasheet or resources in order to find out how to...
    1 week 17 hours ago
    Is there a way to edit a .hobo file? I have a barologger series with a few aberrant readings (probably due to ice on the sensor). I need to edit those readings in order to perform baro-compensation...