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    metrics gmbh
    16 hours 55 min ago
    Is it possible to combine the measurements of two RX3000 station in one view in HOBOlink? This might be usefull in applications where I have use two stations in one location due to the limitation of...
  • 1 Comment
    2 days 19 hours ago
    Currently i have a set up with a soundlevel meter with connected to a sound level transmitter (TR-SLT1A4) and then to a 4-20mA input adapter (S-CIA-CM14). Now i receive a mA value. Now is my...
  • 1 Comment
    4 days 13 hours ago
    I plan to buy four ZW-006 Data Nodes for monitoring our Solar Panel Sys. I hope to be able to buy only one ZW-RCVR receiver to data log all 4 Data Nodes. Can the system work like that? Also since...
  • 1 Comment
    4 days 21 hours ago
    In the specs table of the products, are you referring in initial response time (after installation) or operational response time (in every sampling) ?