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    38 min 55 sec ago
    Hello, is there any way to reduce or to delete the three or four decimal point on Hobolink, using analog channel and RX3000 ? We are working with pH , Snow, O2 and ultrasonic level sensors, and the...
    5 hours 10 min ago
    Can HOBOware be used to calculate runtime from amperage readings recorded with my UX120 logger?
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    1 day 7 hours ago
    I am working with some of he DO readings collected with a U26-001 DO Logger. Some of the readings are below zero (ex: -0.02 to -0.04). The spec sheet lists the accuracy of the loggers as 0.2 mg/L up...
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    2 days 15 hours ago
    Is there a way to alarm accumulation of Rainfall. e.g. more than x amount in 24hrs, send alarm.