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    4 hours 26 min ago
    Hi. I'm using PAR sensor. Is it possible to calculate DLI with Hoboware?
    20 hours 48 min ago
    Hi, is it possible to input custom column names when exporting data tables? Hoboware seems to include serial numbers and characters ("#") that cause problems when importing into other statistical...
  • 1 Comment
    1 week 1 day ago
    When the logger is initially plugged into the base station, HOBOware Pro shows the device name and that one device is connected. However, when I go to read out the logger or use any other function,...
  • 1 Comment
    2 weeks 21 hours ago
    We are monitoring streams using both the U-20 and U-24 sensors for level and conductance. Both sensors record water temp. Which sensor would(should) more precise/accurate to use? We are seeing some...