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    1 day 20 hours ago
    Hi, would someone know if there's a simple way to use the UX120 as a front end, i.e., read out the values shown in the HOBOware in the Device Status/Value column using a program/script (VBA, C#,...
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    6 days 1 hour ago
    Hi, I am using HOBO Waterproof Shuttle (U-DTW-1) temperature data logger and have been okay with using it for two years not but we went on holiday for 2 months from December to Jan and when I plotted...
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    6 days 16 hours ago
    I am recording both light and occupancy on my UX90-005M. When I plot the data, it shows me a graph of occupancy on top, and light on the bottom. How can I merge these so that they both appear on the...
    1 week 2 days ago
    I have connected two watermarks (WM) separately into ports of the UX120-006M Hobo logger using Cable-2.5 stereo The reading I am getting for the first WM1 is 2.498V even if submerged in water (which...