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  • 1 Comment
    1 day 14 hours ago
    I've been using the U30 and now the RX3000 for several years to monitor mobile solar installations. It does it all but for one thing, GPS location. I would like to request addition of a USB GPS...
  • 1 Comment
    5 days 16 hours ago
    Hi, would someone know if there's a simple way to use the UX120 as a front end, i.e., read out the values shown in the HOBOware in the Device Status/Value column using a program/script (VBA, C#,...
  • 1 Comment
    1 week 2 days ago
    Hi, I am using HOBO Waterproof Shuttle (U-DTW-1) temperature data logger and have been okay with using it for two years not but we went on holiday for 2 months from December to Jan and when I plotted...
  • 1 Comment
    1 week 3 days ago
    I am recording both light and occupancy on my UX90-005M. When I plot the data, it shows me a graph of occupancy on top, and light on the bottom. How can I merge these so that they both appear on the...