• Products for Microclimate Monitoring - HOBO USB Micro Station
    Paul Gannett, our expert in environmental monitoring, presents a 1-hour webinar introducing the HOBO USB Micro Station, our new weatherproof, multi-channel data logger for monitoring a wide range of environmental conditions. The webinar runs for approximately 45 minutes.
  • Products for Microclimate Monitoring - MX2300 Series
    This webinar shows how HOBO MX2300 Series Temp/RH loggers make field data collection easier than ever before. Learn to set up and offload loggers wirelessly from your mobile device—eliminating the need to take a laptop or data shuttle into the field to retrieve data.
  • Choosing the Right Temp/RH Data Logger to Meet Your Needs
    Onset has a full suite of data loggers for monitoring temperature and humidity in buildings. Figuring out which one to choose for your application can sometimes be confusing. Join us as we explain the range of HOBO temp/RH data loggers and outline the important things to consider when evaluating them for your application.
  • HOBO UX90 Time-of-Use Data Loggers
    Learn how HOBO UX90 Time-of-Use data loggers make it fast and easy to monitor equipment run-times, room occupancy patterns, light usage, state changes, and more!
  • Simplify Data Collection with First Bluetooth Water Level Logger for Mobile Devices
    Learn how easy it is to log, analyze, and share water level data with Onset's new HOBO MX2001 data logger with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, and the free HOBOmobile app.
  • Data Logger Basics
    In this one-hour webinar learn the basics of data loggers. We answer commonly-asked questions, such as: What is a data logger, what do they measure, and who can benefit from using them? What are the steps involved in using a data logger? What are the important things to consider when selecting a data logger?
  • Tracking Environmental Conditions in a Museum with Bluetooth Data Loggers
    Registrars at the Hunter Museum of American Art discuss how they successfully used Bluetooth Low Energy data loggers to measure and record temp/RH data in order to better manage their museum’s collections.
  • Introducing the HOBO CO2 Logger for Mobile Devices
    Learn why the HOBO MX 1102 CO2 data logger is ideal for monitoring indoor air quality in schools, hospitals, labs, and other buildings.

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